Pluralism versus takfir

Since the Renaissance, pluralism is what characterizes our societies. Pluralism established itself century after century. Those who committed the attacks on Paris last night are qualified as « takfiris ». This is their exact denomination. What characterizes takfiris is the exact opposite of that pluralism that characterizes us.

Takfir is when someone considers you as a misbeliever because you are not on his same exact ideological line. The slightest difference becomes an absolute aberration guilty to his eyes, including among those who are supposed to be his coreligionist (see the Beirut attack on Thursday).

Takfir is the exact opposite of pluralism. That is why takfiris attacks pluralism. But the greater history proves that pluralism is superior to takfir. Way too superior.

Don’t let them convince us of the opposite.

Sincerest thoughts to the victims and their families. Solidarity with the police forces, the army, and the medical community. Vive la France, vive la République, our common good.

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